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Our whitening products are safe and very effective in brightening your smile. We will insure the most comfortable and effective form of at-home bleaching by assessing your tooth whitening needs and recommend the correct system for you.

The process begins with a custom mouth tray. Custom trays make it easier to whiten both your upper and lower teeth, should you want to do both. Custom fit trays will minimize gun sensitivity and will ensure that your teeth are evenly exposed to the whitening solution.

The whitening gel is a carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide active ingredient that is safe for your teeth. We supply you with a supply of whitening gel in a tube or syringe that you dispense into your trays. You will be instructed towear the tray daily, for a few hours or overnight for a specific period of time depending upon your initial assessment.

Once you have your custom mouth tray, you need to only buy touch-up material to keep your teeth their whitest every year or so, due to staining from coffee, tea, wine, smoking and other heavily pigmented foods.

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