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Dental Bonding As A Cosmetic Enhancement

Dental Bonding is a commonly used cosmetic repair procedure. It's among the easiest and least expensive way to improve the overall appearance of a smile. Dental Bonding is used for chipped, cracked, or decayed teeth. It can improve the shape of a tooth, can close up an unsightly space, or protect a root when gums have severely receded.


The tooth is prepared by scoring or roughening the surface enamel. A resin layer is then applied to allow the bonding material to adhere to the tooth's surface. Then, a durable putty-like plastic resin material is applied to the tooth. The dentist will shape and dmooth this bonding material. When satisfied, your dentist will expose the bonding to Ultraviolet light source. This will help harden the surface.


Bonding takes approximately 30-60 minutes per tooth to complete. It does not require anesthesia unless the tooth is severely decayed or the donding is used to fill a cavity. THe dental bonding is not stain resistent. It will require basic oral hygiene, brushing three times a day and flossing regularly.


The life span of dental bonding is anywhere between 1 to 10 years depending on the level of care, eating and chewing habits, and the type of food eaten. As with clothing, many foods will stain bonding over the long term. Artificial coloring, red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, smoking, all contribute to blemishing the luster. Oral habits such as chewing on pen tips, biting nails or ice, or using your teeth as tools for opening objects will shorten the cosmetic and structural appearance of bonding.

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