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When all or some of a patient's teeth are removed, a denture is an alternative to replacing those lost teeth

Dentures come in two styles, conventional or immediate. An immediate denture is made prior to the teeth being removed. After about 8-12 weeks, they're refitted to fit better once the gums have shrunk and change shape. They are removable and require cleaning and mainaining.


A partial denture (or bridge) is an appliance that is used when only some teeth have been removed. It, too is removable and its appearance is designed with the look of your natural tooth and gums. This style of denture also holds the surrounding teeth in place thus keeping the existing teeth from shifting.


The process of having dentures made takes up to 6 weeks and several visits to your dentist. First there will be measurements taken as well as impressions of your jaw. A model appliance is made either in wax or plastic and is fitted to your mouth. Adjustments are made to the shape and color before the final denture is cast. The final cast can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

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