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Simple Extractions

While it sounds like a contradictory term, an extraction or the removal of a tooth is referred to as 'simple', 'moderate', or 'difficult' based on the size, length, and location of the tooth. The root of the tooth also plays a part in determining the complexity of the procedure.


All teeth are surrounded by fibers known as the periodontal ligament. These fibers attached the teeth to the bone and keep the tooth in place. By carefully manipulating the tooth, these fibers can be easily dislodged, allowing the tooth to be removed.


Removing teeth is routine when done by an expert. Simple teeth removals can be done by your general dentist, whereas difficult extractions are commonly performed by a qualified Oral Surgeon. Post-operative instructions are critical for an extraction to be successful. Healing aides such as stitches (sutures), antibiotics, pain medication management are optional ways to help in an axtraction's positive outcome. Self remedies such as refraining from exercise or smoking for 36-48 hours and ice packs for the first 24 hours as well as softening one's diet also helps to provide a good extraction result.

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